little bits of advice.

H A P P Y   F R I D A Y.

Here are some things that I did recently that made me appreciate my last few days off before my second quarter of grad school begins!

  • Watch the Taylor Swift reputation stadium tour on Netflix. Brought tears to my eyes. Her talent, voice, lyrics, and stage presence is absolutely incredible. I have loved her ever since her first album when she started out in the country genre. It is 2 hours long, so hop on a treadmill or paint your nails while watching!
  • If you want a cookie, go treat yourself. Just don’t overdo it 😉
  • Never underestimate the endorphins from a leisurely walk outside.
  • For my ladies: wearing lipstick can make you feel like a bada**

  • If you feel like you are experiencing a lot of emotions all at once, write it down. Journal, write a poem, or type it up in your notes on your phone.
  • Make physical to-do lists for your day, and cross off things as you complete them. That little or big sense of accomplishment can go a long way!
  • Print pictures of your loved ones and hang them up in your productive spaces (or all around your house). It’s nice to look up from a book or laptop screen and see their faces.
  • Call people and ask how they’re doing. Phone calls are so much more personal than a text. If they don’t answer, leave a message. It’s fun to listen to an unexpected voicemail!

XX loves,


P.S. I am the happiest I have ever been, and I love sharing it with you all.

Send your comments and suggestions for new posts below!

***I do not own the cover image used in this blog post.***


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