valentine’s day on a budget.

hi loves! below are lists of cheap ideas for you and your boo-thang, you and your galentines, or just for YOself! xx, mir.

  • go to Target and read all of the Valentine’s Day cards under the “romance funny” section. you’ll be rollin’.
  • make dinner together, have some chocolate-covered strawberries, and put in a movie.
  • participate in a wine & painting class.
  • get a take-out meal + play a game of truth or dare.
  • see a comedy show.
  • buy valentine’s pjs and make breakfast (for breakfast) or breakfast (for dinner).

  • get a good sweat sesh in! (like cycle class or yoga).
  • make cookies and decorate w/ red, pink, white, and purple frostings/sprinkles!
  • get a jewelry kit and make necklaces/bracelets.
  • host a spa night… nails, face masks, and eyebrows.
  • make tiny heart-shaped pizzas.

    (I do not own this image.)

  • light a candle + have a nice bubble bath.
  • journal, and write down things you are grateful for at the present moment, short-term/long-term goals, and areas of self-improvement that you can work on.
  • put on your fave fleece robe or bundle up in your fave blanket and watch a Disney movie… Frozen and Moana are great options!
  • find good lighting, and take some selfies because you are BEAUTIFUL.
  • go to bed early! (after all, this day does fall on a Thursday this year…)

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