favorite workout gear.

Below you will find some of my favorite workout staples!! Comment below if you have any questions about sizing and fit!

Lululemon Speed Up Tight:

comfy, breathable, keeps you cool (even during hot yoga), annnnd pockets!!

dark olive

The Incredible Lightweight by Victoria Sport Bra:

padded, medium-impact, stylish, and so comfy!

The Incredible Lightweight by Victoria Sport Bra

Ballet-inspired, crop workout tops:

sexy, comfy, and makes me feel trendy and confident during dance class or while jogging on the treadmill! I have purchased some from Old Navy and Forever 21.

Image result for ballet long sleeve workout topsRelated image

Adidas swift running shoe:

great for workouts not involving a ton of cardio or just to wear on a day when you are out and about.

Image result for adidas running shoes women

ASICS running shoe:

amazing support for running or HIIT workouts!

Related image

Beats Bluetooth Headphones:

the wrap-around headphones are the only kind that stay put for me!! battery life is 12 hours!

Image result for beats bluetooth headphones


bkr water bottle:

designed to keep your water cold for a longer period of time than regular metal or plastic  bottles!

Related image

Other things I keep in my workout bag:

hand sanitizer


hair ties

bobby pins

extra set of plug-in headphones in case if my beats die

***I do not own the product images used in this blog post.***


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