gratitude challenge: month 1.

Happy last day of January! My 365-day challenge for 2019 is to write down something I’m grateful for each day. This is such a nice way to start the morning, and it’s not too late to start! I highly encourage it as it can positively frame your mindset for the rest of the day. xx, miranda.

  1. JDC.
  2. my health.
  3. the ability to see color.
  4. candles.
  5. rose gold jewelry.
  6. warm winter coats.
  7. noise-cancelling headphones.
  8. my mom.
  9. a good night’s sleep.
  10. phone calls.
  11. berries–skin food!
  12. the ability to walk.
  13. Molly.
  14. waking up with my love.
  15. productive starts.
  16. unexpected cancellations that work in your favor.
  17. the power of creativity.
  18. cute mugs.
  19. Max.
  20. Elizabeth.
  21. the little things.
  22. green tea.
  23. new beginnings.
  24. happy surprises.
  25. lazy days.
  26. kind words.
  27. when people see your potential.
  28. moisturizer.
  29. days that my body lets me sleep in ’til 7am.
  30. friends who listen.
  31. sodoku puzzles.


***I do not own the cover image used for this blog post.***

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