where I shop for formal gowns.

Since living in Chicago, I have attended 2 black tie events, and the last time I wore a long, formal gown was my high school prom. Soooo, after looking at a variety of different places, I found that Forever 21 actually has decently priced, nice gowns. Below are the two dresses I have purchased as well my reviews on them. I am curious to try out Rent the Runway at some point also. If anyone has experience with that company, please leave a comment! xx, mir.

Black Surplice Peasant Maxi Dress:

PRICE: $32

LENGTH: A little long (I’m 5′ 3”)

COMFORT: 5/5 stars

MOBILITY: Amazing! I danced the night away in this dress!

RATING: 5/5 stars

–> bottom line with the dress: a great purchase, easy to wear again (probably will with different accessories), and COMFORTABLE!

Burgundy Sheer M-Slit Maxi Dress:

PRICE: $12.45 (original: $24.90)

LENGTH: A little long

COMFORT: 3/5 stars

MOBILITY: Horrible! The dress had a M-slit, which did not allow me to walk without flashing everyone with each step. I had to hold onto the three layers of the dress while I walked.

RATING: 1/5 stars– see-through (I wore tights even though I didn’t want to), a lot of static, the neck line is very nice, but you really can’t go without a bra unless you want to risk nipping out (I ended up using a safety pin to keep myself more covered).

–> bottom line with the dress: super cute, loved the color, but READ THE REVIEWS FIRST, and never buy a dress with a M-slit!!

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3 thoughts on “where I shop for formal gowns.

  1. Maddie says:

    Hi Miranda! We used Rent the Runaway for my brother’s Wedding! All of the bridesmaids rented the dresses from the site! It worked extremely well! We got a very expensive dress for much cheaper and they were beautiful! However, the only issue that I ran into was that the dress was much longer than I accepted! They were wonderful though and sent me a new dress before the wedding in a petite size, however it was still too long! I would say the only downfall is not being able to alter the dresses to fit you! Other than that it was great!!

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