about last night.

a night of highs and lows for sure.

started with special conversations about our life together.

moved onto making a tasty dinner that left us wanting more.

had a lot of laughs.

had a lot of soft smiles.

never have a felt this loved.

this special and whole.

then, the mood shifted.

I received a much anticipated message.

it wasn’t the response I wanted though.

it made me feel rejected and upset.

I wanted this one.

I really thought it was going to work out.

the message was not the one that I wanted to be reading.

and then…

you came in.

you opened your arms to me,

like you always do.

always knowing how to comfort me.

amazing me with your gentle words.

and your selfless love.

thank you for that.

and for it all.

your faith in me lifts me up.

I got this.

We got this.

***I do not own the cover image used in this post.***



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