gratitude challenge: month 2.

28 days of gratitude below!

  1. my love for organization.
  2. soreness from a great workout.
  3. my roommate.
  4. when the train arrives at the same time you get to the platform.
  5. home-cooked meals.
  6. phone calls with Ria.
  7. classpass.
  8. events that let you get all dolled up.
  9. road-trips to see family.
  10. car radio.
  11. feeling of anticipation.
  12. when people recognize your hard work.
  13. endorphins from AM workouts.
  14. first Valentine’s Day with my love!!
  15. family vacations.
  16. cozy cabins.
  17. catching up with cousins.
  18. pit stops at Arby’s.
  19. doing unexpected things for people.
  20. my blog.
  21. words of encouragement.
  22. teachers that stay in touch.
  23. being able to travel.
  24. experiencing new sushi restaurants in the city.
  25. every “first” celebration with my love.
  26. sunset dinners.
  27. oceanside lunches.
  28. that feeling when you reach the top of a mountain after a long hike up.

***I do not own the cover image used for this blog post.***

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