restaurant hacks.

If any of you are foodies like me, then you will already know some restaurant hacks to save you a buck or five! Below is a list of things I do to save myself some dough while eating out!

  • Order water to drink! Let’s be honest. Your skin probably needs it. Your digestive system will thank you, and so will your wallet. Have water and add lemon for some flavor.
  • Go to a BYOB restaurant. If you cannot bring yourself to only drink water with your meal, then do some research, and find a place that allows you to bring your own drinks.

  • Order an appetizer (as your entrée). If nothing on the menu is jumping out at you, then check out the appetizer selection. I ordered egg drop soup and veggie lettuce wraps at P.F. Chang’s the other day, and it was the perfect healthy combo that I was craving. It also ended up being $2 cheaper than most of the meals.
  • Eat something light before. I know it’s so hard to say no when your gal pals invite you for sushi every week. If you are worried about how much money you’re spending, eat a protein bar or light snack before you go out to dinner, so that you don’t order as much when you’re there!
  • Look up daily specials. Most restaurants have daily specials with $3 tacos, half-priced appetizers, etc. Look these up ahead of time and strategically plan your next outing for that time.
  • Get your sweet treat later! Restaurants have ridiculously up-charged desserts. If you want something sweet after your meal, look up nearby ice-cream shops or pick something up from the grocery store, and have it at home!

I hope these were helpful!



***I do not own the cover image used in this post.***

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