gratitude challenge: month 3.

31 days of gratitude below!

  1. visiting wineries and taking in their beauty.
  2. stumbling upon unique art studios.
  3. movie nights with tea + chocolate.
  4. washing your sheets and sleeping in them for the first time.
  5. entertaining Bachelor episodes.
  6. vanilla iced coffee to wake me up.
  7. when babies hold my finger as we walk.
  8. Friday nights with my love.
  9. comfy sweatpants.
  10. a glass of cold water in the morning.
  11. hugs from toddlers.
  12. projects that allow me to be creative.
  13. a nice basket of fried pickles.
  14. feeling appreciated by someone.
  15. the Moana movie/soundtrack.
  16. the Chicago green river.
  17. not being scared to express my true feelings and true self–letting my guard completely fall.
  18. when the Chicago winter starts to fade.
  19. cinnamon pancakes and tea to start your day.
  20. when little babies say your name for the first time.
  21. surprising other people with nice things/gifts.
  22. freshly blended smoothie.
  23. afternoon tea dates.
  24. spending quality time with my sister!
  25. yummy breakfast sandwiches.
  26. when my sister comes to visit me.
  27. finding good deals while shopping.
  28. before bed prayers with my love.
  29. Harold-Washington library and its clean, modern spaces.
  30. brunches that are worth the 1.5 hour wait.
  31. lazy mornings with my love.

***I do not own the cover image used in this post.***

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