Easter weekend.

Hello! Happy Easter Monday! The Lord has risen! Below are my favorite moments from the weekend with my love and his family.

  • singing country songs all the way to MI .
  • seeing baby Audrey walking all over the place now.

  • watching Roselyn dye “unicorn Easter eggs.”
  • enjoying a fabulous Italian dinner with babe and his parents at Cugino’s… worth the 45 minute wait.
  • getting to watch a few episodes of Bull. so engaging & highly recommend!
  • waking up to the peacefulness of the MI countryside.
  • running errands & getting lost in grocery stores with my love.
  • churning homemade peanut butter for the first time.
  • going on secret trips with Elizabeth.
  • Easter mass and singing Resurrection songs.
  • visiting grandparents.
  • having the family together to have a meal, enjoy each others’ company, and catch up.
  • riding back to Chicago with the top down in babe’s Mustang!!
  • watching the video of my family’s “big kid” Easter egg hunt back in Indy.
  • feelings of overwhelming gratitude and joy.


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