gratitude challenge: month 4.

30 days of gratitude below! Also, how is it already May?!

  1. when your favorite stores send you coupon codes!!
  2. little compliments that make you smile.
  3. the satisfying taste of matcha.
  4. my new, coral suitcase.
  5. traveling with my boo.
  6. pinnacle peak trail.
  7. morning walks in the sunshine & flip flops.
  8. singing in the car with loved ones.
  9. pink skies.
  10. cuddles.
  11. driving around my hometown.
  12. crafting.
  13. watching Benny play football.
  14. the cheerleaders in my life.
  15. when you see things lining up.
  16. pastel t-shirts.
  17. crunchy French fries with bbq sauce.
  18. Carrie Underwood songs.
  19. knowing you have found your person.
  20. sugar cookies for breakfast.
  21. mustang rides with the top down.
  22. picking out cute outfits for little kids to wear for the day.
  23. appreciating and experiencing growth.
  24. feeling well rested in the morning.
  25. teaching little ones new words.
  26. being in the kitchen with my momma.
  27. shopping dates.
  28. meaningful apologies.
  29. making plans for the future.
  30. dressing perfectly for the weather.

***I do not own the cover image used in this post.***

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