gratitude challenge: month 5.

31 days in May = 31+ things to be thankful for…

  1. fun breakfast smoothies to start the day.
  2. successful core workouts.
  3. when babe walks me to work.
  4. Chicago French Market.
  5. sunny days that allow me to wear a dress!
  6. a glass of cold water in the morning.
  7. beyoncé homecoming documentary.
  8. finding new parts of the city.
  9. when babe drops me off at work.
  10. father of the bride movie.
  11. chipotle dinners.
  12. my mom.
  13. my grandmothers.
  14. mentors.
  15. sleepovers at work.
  16. visiting new coffee shops.
  17. yummy salads.
  18. movie nights and a cup of tea.
  19. unique art.
  20. candle making.
  21. new bachelorette episodes.
  22. phone calls with Sally.
  23. seeing other people happy because the weather is nice.
  24. Zachary.
  25. unexpected announcements.
  26. fishing with my love.
  27. 606 trail.
  28. trying new food at a familiar restaurant.
  29. when babies fall asleep in your arms.
  30. silly mornings.
  31. picnics in the park.

***I do not own the cover image used in this post.***

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