where I shop for formal gowns.

Since living in Chicago, I have attended 2 black tie events, and the last time I wore a long, formal gown was my high school prom. Soooo, after looking at a variety of different places, I found that Forever 21 actually has decently priced, nice gowns. Below are the two dresses I have purchased as well my reviews on them. I am curious to try out Rent the Runway at some point also. If anyone has experience with that company, please leave a comment! xx, mir.

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skin tips I’ve learned.

With very sensitive skin and a history of too many medications, ointments, and skin disasters, below are some skin tips/tricks that I’ve learned over the years…
  • moisturize within the minute of washing your face or getting out of the shower.
  • avoid drinking alcohol, or at the very least, minimize binge drinking occurrences.
  • avoid fried, greasy foods as much as possible.
  • same with sugar.

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10 easy ways to declutter your life.

10 items that you DO NOT need…
  1. old makeup/haircare products.
  2. contacts in your phone that are no longer relevant.
  3. belts you don’t wear.
  4. old cell phone covers.
  5. e-mail subscriptions that you immediately delete once you see them in your inbox.
  6. expired meds.
  7. scratched or broken sunglasses.
  8. old paperwork/notebooks.
  9. purses you never use, but keep telling yourself you will.
  10. t-shirts! we all have wayyy too many.

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interview: boss babe — danielle.

Happy Friday lovelies! Today, I would like to introduce one of my hometown gal pals and boss babes, Danielle Addison. She is a trendy and fun go-getter that recently started selling beauty products! We go wayyy back to the competitive cheerleading days #WestsideCougarsForLife. Below is my interview with her!

Where are you originally from?

I grew up in Brownsburg, Indiana & went to Brownsburg High School

Favorite kind of beauty product?

Oh my that’s hard…. How do I pick just one! But I think my favorite would be Highlighter. I love glowy makeup looks and there are sooo many different kinds of highlighter to mix up makeup looks.

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