interview: boss babe — danielle.

Happy Friday lovelies! Today, I would like to introduce one of my hometown gal pals and boss babes, Danielle Addison. She is a trendy and fun go-getter that recently started selling beauty products! We go wayyy back to the competitive cheerleading days #WestsideCougarsForLife. Below is my interview with her!

Where are you originally from?

I grew up in Brownsburg, Indiana & went to Brownsburg High School

Favorite kind of beauty product?

Oh my that’s hard…. How do I pick just one! But I think my favorite would be Highlighter. I love glowy makeup looks and there are sooo many different kinds of highlighter to mix up makeup looks.

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Interview: Alexis

If you do not know Alexis Christine, then you are missing out on life. She is a lover of laughter, picture-taking, and avocado bagels. She is one of my besties and I could not thank God enough for allowing me to have such a great role model, inspiration, and pure joy. From liking the same boy in 8th grade to being college pen pals and travel buddies, this girl is quite ravishing. This interview is an attempt to show you her delightful self.

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Interview: Viv & Maria

This picture perfectly sums up these two girls. They are kooky, loud, hilarious, energetic, and one of the reasons why I love coming home so much. Recently, I did a joint-interview with the two of them where I asked a question, and they had to answer for themselves and for the other person (what they thought the other person would respond). I conducted the interview on paper, and then let them share their answers with each other after. I found that sometimes they knew exactly what the other would answer, and other times, they were way off. Regardless, these two are not only cousins, but also the best of friends. Here is a glimpse of these two lovelies:

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Interview: Wowa

In Tagalog (the Filipino language), the word for grandmother is Lola. However, as a child, my siblings and I couldn’t pronounce that. So, we called our grandmother “Wowa” instead. Thankfully, I can produce the “l” sound now, but the name “Wowa” has remained. It is a word that has a special place in my heart because the woman who is Wowa is truly incredible. This interview is an attempt to share her beautiful qualities with the world.

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