what I’m into right now.

Hi loves! I know it has been awhile since I’ve updated you on my happenings, but like I’m sure all of you know, life gets busy sometimes! I feel like my brain is running in a hundred different directions throughout the day, but oh well! Good news: Tomorrow is Friday! Who has fun St. Patty’s day plans?!! Go get yourself some fish and chips babes!

now, onto the things I’m really into right now:

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where I shop for formal gowns.

Since living in Chicago, I have attended 2 black tie events, and the last time I wore a long, formal gown was my high school prom. Soooo, after looking at a variety of different places, I found that Forever 21 actually has decently priced, nice gowns. Below are the two dresses I have purchased as well my reviews on them. I am curious to try out Rent the Runway at some point also. If anyone has experience with that company, please leave a comment! xx, mir.

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