an activity.

In one of my classes today, my professor asked us to introduce ourselves to the class and then share 3 words that describe us. I thought of the 3, but wanted to think of some additional things to share with you all. Please comment some of your attributes/words that might be surprising to me or others!

(P.S. This is a great self-care activity.) XX, Mir.


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w i n t e r.

  • Is there anything that’s putting a damper on your holiday spirit this year?

Final projects, presentations, and exams. Almost done though!

  • What’s on your shopping/gift list?

I currently need to buy picture frames and travel-sized toiletries. All of my Christmas shopping is complete AND wrapped!

  • Thoughts on sending Christmas cards?

All about it. Hand-written notes/messages can be so special. I’ve written 30+ so far!

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This past weekend…
  • Went to the Festival of Lights parade on Magnificent Mile with my love. Seeing Santa and his reindeer was definitely the highlight!
  • Had a delicious meal at P.F. Chang’s after.
  • Sunday brunch at Ina Mae’s Tavern, a New Orleans inspired restaurant.
  • Trip to the Apple Store.
  • Watched the 2000’s version of How The Grinch Stole Christmas. Watching Elf next!

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month 11, day 17.

Hi babes! Say hello to the weekend!!! It’s snowy here in Chicago! Below are some November reflection questions I came across yesterday. Feel free to copy the questions and think about your own life and what your responses would be. I bolded one response that should serve as a reminder for all of us. xx, Mir.

Do you think you are a grateful person? Would others agree?

Yes and yes. I know I could definitely express gratitude more, but I try to make those I love feel appreciated and also try to enjoy/really take in experiences that not everyone is fortunate enough to have.

Twenty years from now, what do you want your kids to know about who you were in this moment?

I would want them to know that maintaining balance is SO important for your health. Prioritizing is key. You should still do the things that make you glow even when life gets busy and overwhelming at times.

Do you volunteer this time of year?

I have not been the best with volunteering my time to others. I want to change that this holiday season and maybe make it a seasonal activity.

Lyrics of current favorite song.

Fallin All in You — Shawn Mendes

But since you came along
I’m thinking baby
You are bringing out a different kind of me
There’s no safety net that’s underneath, I’m free
Falling all in
You fell for men who weren’t how they appeared, yeah
Trapped up on a tightrope now we’re here, we’re free
Falling all in you

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autumn in the city.

Such a cozy fall weekend!

I spent a lot of time training for my new job… I am working as a barista at THE CUTEST Marshmallow Cafe, where I get to create sweet treats and fancy, insta-worthy drinks! Look out because I’m going to be giving these gourmet marshmallows away as Christmas presents!

When I wasn’t working, here’s what I was up to…

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Saturday thoughts.

Here are five quotes to remember and take with you today.
  1. Don’t compare your Chapter 1 to someone else’s Chapter 20.
  2. When looking back doesn’t interest you anymore, you’re doing something right.
  3. Pay close attention to the people who don’t clap when you win.
  4. You’re never too important to be nice to people.
  5. How to stop time: kiss… How to travel in time: read… How to escape time: music… How to feel time: write… How to release time: breathe.

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a moment of gratitude.

Happy Friday y’all! Here are 10 things I am grateful for today.

  1. time to make myself a nice breakfast on this rainy morn
  2. The Greatest Showman soundtrack
  3. things/people in my life that give it purpose
  4. hot yoga and its restorative/detoxing benefits
  5. canine companions
  6. the warm blanket I wrapped around myself to get rid of goose bumps
  7. the ability of slowly letting go of caring what other people think of me 24/7
  8. my healthy body that allows me to perform day-to-day activities + much more
  9. the pretty manicure I treated myself to on Monday — still not chipped!
  10. YOU.

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