travel bug.

Gooood morning! Last night I had a fun time meeting a gal pal for dinner at The Tap in Bloomington and then having an impromptu photo shoot afterwards! (See pics below.) It’s always nice to channel my creative side via pictures. Also, still LOVING my black hair hehe.

In other news, I am having a serious case of the travel bug! I want to explore a new coastal town and just soak in the culture, views, and sun, but my wallet is saying, “NO NO NO!” In the meantime, here are some low-cost trip ideas that I might indulge in 🙂

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boston + chicago.

7 Thoughts After Seeing Italy.

  1. Fresh dough is amazing. One day, I had these delicious fried dough appetizers with mozzarella cheese in the middle, and I could not stop eating them. I could tell that the ingredients were so pure unlike a lot of the processed food in the U.S.
  2. I want to learn Italian. Although not too many people speak the language at home, I think it is so beautiful, and plus I can use it for the next time I go back to Italy 🙂

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Hi everyone! Below is the video I made from my magical, dreamy, and perfect trip to Paris! Off to Rome tomorrow! Hasta luego!
(a.k.a. Girl on The Move)